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标题: Susan Naquin(韩书瑞):Gods of Mount Tai [打印本页]

作者: 南池子    时间: 2023-5-14 13:35     标题: Susan Naquin(韩书瑞):Gods of Mount Tai

作者: Susan Naquin(韩书瑞)
出版社: Brill
副标题: Familiarity and the Material Culture of North China, 1000-2000
出版年: 2022-4-13
页数: 576
装帧: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789004504257


内容简介  · · · · · ·
At the intersection of art and religious history, this work suggests a fresh method for studying Chinese gods and sacred places. Susan Naquin tells the full story of the transformations of the Lady of Mount Tai, North China’s most important female deity, and her mountain home. This generously illustrated visual history presents a rich array of overlooked statues, prints, murals, and paintings of gods that were discovered in museums, auctions, and extensive travel. By focusing on ordinary images, temples, and region-based materiality Naquin demonstrates how this flexibly gendered new god flourished while her male predecessor was neglected. Both suffered greatly during the last century, but Mount Tai continues to be a culturally significant monument and China’s most popular tourist mountain.

作者简介  · · · · · ·
Susan Naquin is a historian of late imperial China. Professor Emerita of History and East Asian Studies at Princeton University, she is the author of many books and articles on social and cultural life, including Peking: Temples and City Life, 1400-1900.

目录  · · · · · ·
Front Matter
What This Book Is About
Mount Tai, 1008
The Jade Woman and the Eastern Peak, 1000–1350
Master of the Azure Clouds, 1350–1550
Beyond Mount Tai, 1400–1640
Toward Acceptance, 1400–1640
Investing in the Mountain, 1550–1630
A Pilgrimage Mountain, 1550–1640
Looking Like a Mount Tai Niangniang, Ming to Qing
Prospering Under a New Dynasty, 1600–1900
A Place in the Empire, 1650–1900
At Home in North China, 1650–1900
The Bronze Ladies of Mount Tai, 1600–1900
Popularization through Pictures, 1800–1930
Changing Times for Mount Tai, 1900–2000

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